Why Purchase A Leather Desk Pad?

Published: 13th October 2010
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Leather desk pads not only protect your desktop, but are also ideal for providing a high finish to your desk, and exuding an executive and professional air.

Leather desk pads act as desk protectors, which are essential for preventing damage to your desktop. This damage will frequently occur when you are writing by hand using a pen. The desk protector acts as a buffer between the pen and the desk, as well as absorbing any scratches and spills. Without the desk protector, the pen is likely to leave behind marks on the desk, which over time will build up and leave your desk looking scruffy and unappealing. Your desk will also be vulnerable to spills. Whilst other types of desk protectors will perform the same function, the materials they are made of rarely provide the same high class and professional look that leather desk pads provide. They are especially ideal if you regularly have clients visit your office. In this situation you will want to appear as professional as you can. A leather desk pad will usually provide storage for your other desk accessories and will complete the look of your desk and assist in enhancing the professional appearance of your office.
Bonded Leather Desk Pad

A more basic version for those on a lower budget, but proves that lower cost does not mean lower quality. This product features bonded leather gold tooled panels, and has a felt covered back to afford fantastic protection for your desktop. This pad has a very sleek, minimal no frills design.

Dimensions are 20 inches wide by 36 inches long. The product weighs 5 pounds. The pad is a very durable, basic design, which is ideal for students and use at home.
Hand Crafted Leather Desk Pad

These are designed for the executive who wants only the very best for their office. Hand crafted leather pads are far more expensive than their mass produced competitors, but provide unmatched quality, style, and functionality. Nobody will doubt your success upon spotting this eye catching design.

The standard dimensions are 20 inches wide by 30 inches long, although other sizes can be found., or custom made. This product weights 12 pounds, and can be cared for by wiping with a dry cloth. Additional features include hinged doors which enable to the desk blotter to be closed when you have finished using it.

Eco Friendly Leather Desk Pad

Owning a leather desk pad does not have to be off limits if you prefer to stick to only purchasing environmentally friendly products. The Dacasso 1400 series pad is made from a combination of leather and 95% recycled materials. Features include a bonded leather construct, and felt underside for maximum desk protection. This product provides the great looks that a leather desk pad give you, whilst still being environmentally friendly.

The dimensions are 20 inches wide by 34 inches long, weighing 5 pounds. This model is widely available at major online retailers.

Wood And Leather Desk Pad

For a more varied appearance, these pads are made from a combination of wood and leather. The focus here is on durability as well as design. The addition of strong alder wood increases the pads overall durability, and the leather provides a stylish finish. The addition of a felt underside lining provides extra protection for your desktop. This is an excellent all round desk pad and comes with a mid ranged price tag.

Dimensions are usually 27 inches wide, 18 inches long, weighing 5 pounds. Caring for this product is simple and straightforward, simply use clean water and a clean cloth on the leather, and just a simple clean cloth on the wood - no water required.

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